Alex Edelman’s ‘Peer Group’ is back for season 4

Alex Edelman

“…One of the finest comedians, full-stop. Fine, funny, charmingly self-deprecating writing, delivered with infectious confidence and exuberance. Highly recommended.”


Award-winning comedian and writer Alex Edelman’s fourth R4 series of ‘Peer Group’, a show about the millennial generation, starts from 11th May for four weekly episodes.  

The first episode – entitled “Dead Jews” – centers on anti-Semitism in the US and the UK, and the varying levels of concern people have for Jews, living and dead.

“America As It Is Now”, the second episode, focuses on the political and economic upheaval the United States has experienced over the last fourteen months. Including the Biden election, income inequality, and the George Floyd protests.

The third, “New Relationships to Old Things,” examines connections to the objects in our lives as we age. The exploration of this topic was prompted by Edelman’s parents selling his childhood home.

The fourth and final episode “The Impossibility of Escape,” revolves around the mire so many of us have felt living through the COVID-19 pandemic, and how we’ve dealt with it. 

“… impeccable rhythm and pin-sharp punchlines we’ve come to expect from this ruthless comedy technician”  


Alex Edelman’s Peer Group:

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