Mantl, Karamo Brown’s skin-care brand, expands the UK


The Queer Eye star released his Mantl skin-care and grooming brand for men in the US on February 6 2020. The brand is now expanding into the UK with new demand from men rooted in pressure from social media and skin concerns from wearing masks during the pandemic. The brand has a wide range of products that are formulated to protect and nourish bare scalps but Karamo notes that people with any hair line can use them even for their faces. The four staple products include: cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, and oil-absorbing blotting papers. The products are marketed towards men but can be used by all.


The real goal behind Karamo’s Mantl is not only to provide products marketed towards balding men but also to start a nurturing conversation around hair loss.

During the first two seasons of Queer Eye Karamo had actually lost a lot of his hair but used makeup to fill in his perfectly sharp hairline. It eventually got to him that he was on a show that worked to help its makeover candidates let go of their insecurities while he couldn’t let go of his. He channeled his famous Queer Eye heart to hearts with himself, and on the night of the season one premiere he shaved his head and hasn’t used makeup to fill in his hairline since. Mantl is a result of him embracing his insecurities and learning to feel confident in his own beauty which he now hopes to share with men going through the same thing.

Check out the wide range of Mantl products newly available in the UK here.

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