The British Comedian of the Year finalists have been announced

British comedian of the year

The finalists have been announced for the most biggest prize in British comedy- The British Comedian of the Year award.

The prize awarded to the winner of The British Comedian of the Year competition is conveniently £1 more than the main Edinburgh Comedy Comedy Award and therefor sits at a £10,001 prize.

The coipition attracts over 500 contestants and the finalist have proven themselves as hilarious and talented individuals. The finalist are Andy Askins, Ninia Benjamin, Scott Bennett, Stephen Grant, Mike Gunn, Jeff Innocent, Lindsey Santoro, JoJo Sutherland and George Zach.

The final competition for the award will take place on 24 November at the Comedy Store in London where each contestant will preform for ten minutes and Cally Beaton will host.

The road to this night for the finalist was not an easy one. 150 acts were selected for the 16 heats that were held at difference clubs around England and Wales. The Stand-Up Club, who are responsible for organizing the competition state that the constants are a “stellar mix of TV acts, top pro comedians & the hottest rising comedy stars.”

Check out the competition results to date at The British Comedian of the year website and grab your tickets for the final here.

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