Melon Comedy releases their new sketch comedy series ‘Batshit’

Melon Comedy- Batshit

The Melon Comedy sketch show centre’s itself around modern love, the climate crisis and mental illness and presents itself through a mix of live-action and animation. Weekly releases of the sketch will begin on Tuesday, May 18th on Comedy Sauce. In the midst of being diagnosed with ADHD, Lorelei Mathias started The Melon Comedy Collective. In the mean time she has published several books and won comedy awards.

BATSHIT is a mixed media sketch show about an insane world, seen through the eyes of ‘The Crazy Ones’. Among our writers are an ADHD-er, an ASD-er, and a PMDD-er, so we have an unusual take on the world; and yet, as Greta Thunberg said, ‘in some ways we are the sane ones’.. We pan for belly-laughs in life’s oddest, darkest corners – from ghosting to disillusioned mermaids to ADHD and male suicide.”

-Lorelei Mathias

Additionally, this neurodiverse sketch show features a global cast that includes Lorelei alongside co-writer Emmy McMorrow, Camilla Mathias, Michael Spicer, and others. Also it includes a range of talent from Melbourne Comedy Festival – with internet-breaking animations by Steve Cutts.

Watch the trailer to experience the shows ensuing hilarity and check out Melon Comedy’s other projects on their website.

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